IOZK - Immunologisch Onkologisches Zentrum Köln


Dr. Wilfried Stücker

Translational Oncology and Immunology

Pharmaceutical Biology
Naturopathic Practitioner


"With our multi-disciplinary approach at the IOZK we offer our patients valuable treatment options which supplement and complement conventional methods."

Naturopathy and biology teach us how the processes of life interact and are finely balanced to maintain a natural state of health. In this context, the insights that we have gained over the last decades about the functioning of the immune system, play an important role. Given the wealth of medical know-ledge in today's world it is essential to collaborate in interdisciplinary networks and to exploit synergies in this way.

This is also the guiding principle of our team at the IOZK. The close cooperation between our medical and scientific experts provides our patients with valuable treatment benefits derived from cutting-edge scientific research and know-ledge. This has resulted in our team developing the first therapeutic autologous tumour vaccine (based on dendritic cells loaded with virus-infected autologous tumour antigens) in Europe, produced under the regulations laid out by the Medicines Act.

Prof Dr. Volker Schirrmacher

Tumour Immunology


Through the specific activation and individual support of the immune system to fight against a patient’s own cancer, new and promising treatment options
are available to patients today.

Overcoming barriers is one of the current challenges in oncology. Only then can we develop innovative therapies.Immunotherapy is such an example of a new treatment in oncology. Successful results have shown us that we are on the right path with our treatment approach.

At the IOZK we offer patient-specific immunotherapy. We are flexible and can adapt quickly to the needs of our patients. This way we can implement individual therapy much better and in a more personal manner than, for example, at a university clinic. We work to the basis of clinical studies that are specifically optimised for the individual patient.


Selected publications of Prof. Dr. Schirrmacher


Dr. med. Akos-Sigmund Bihari

Integrative Oncology

Specialist in General Practice
Qualified in Pharmaceuticals
Doctor in charge of transfusion
Immunology / Integrative Oncology


The key to a targeted and promising treatment is to meet the people where they stand.

For nearly 30 years now I have drawn my motivation for
my work as a doctor from natural medicine. Many illnesses cannot be adequately treated by conventional medicine alone. Especially in these cases, natural medicine is often a valuable complement that can lead to successful treatment. We need to learn and better understand the natural processes of life and apply this knowledge in daily practice.

Nature continually shows us the right path to possible recovery. Health is ultimately based on a constant adaptation to our life’s circumstances and we must always work towards this. My job as a doctor is to fully exploit these possibilities for my patients.



Prof. Dr. med. Stefaan Van Gool


Specialist in pediatric hematooncology
Medical management of translational oncology


The manufacturing authorisation now enables us to make this treatment available to our patients more readily. Through this, they have the chance of a longer life with a better quality of life.

Currently oncolytic viruses combined with a dendritic cell vaccine are approved for the treatment of patients with cancer at the IOZK. At the same time, new developments in preclinical research can easily be translated into clinical applications through the interdisciplinary IOZK team.


Selected publications of Prof. Dr. Van Gool 







Dr. Peter Seng

Laboratory Medicine


Specific immunotherapy, as opposed to surgical, radiological and chemotherapeutic methods, uses the body's own power of the immune system in the fight against the tumour.


A tumour can only develop through failure of the immunological defences. Conventional surgical, radiological and chemotherapeutic treatments do not take the immunological aspect of the disease into consideration and actually weaken the immune system. However, in the fight against cancer it is imperative to strengthen the immune system.

With our specific immunotherapy we reprogram the immune system and activate it against the tumour. Immunological research findings in this area have rapidly increased in recent decades. At the IOZK we utilise these new research findingsin the fight against cancer and the development of new therapies.



Dr. med. Tobias Sprenger

Specialist in general practice
Medical expert assessments


Guidelines should support doctors and patients to find the correct therapy, not replace the thinking process


In my profession as a doctor it is of utmost concern to me to understand the values and concerns of my patients. It is important to me to recognise them as individuals and support their autonomy. Individuals who consciously select their own mode of therapy and identify with it stand a better chance of mastering a health crisis than those that blindly leave the treatment decision to somebody else. This is the reason why I do not trust medical practice which blindly follows rules and regulations without acknowledging the individual patient.